Worship Teams

The Praise band meets for practice and fellowship every Monday evening. 

We aim to have a blend of songs which enables all age groups, churched and unchurched, to worship. New songs are introduced to bring a freshness to the worship. However it is important that everyone can participate and enjoy the worship so we try to have a blend of classic and contemporary.This year we asked the congregation for their favourite hymns/songs and have tried to incorporate at least one of these a week.

Our worship teams exist with the purpose of helping lead the fellowship in worshipping our great God through song and music.

The praise band has been blessed over the last number of years with talented young people. We think it is important to encourage them as they encourage us with their enthusiasm and commitment.

We are deeply aware of the responsibility we have and are grateful for the prayerful support of the fellowship. We also appreciate the support and advice from the Pastor and will continue to develop this ministry with him over the coming months and years.

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