Sundays are a real focal point of our week as we come together to worship and study God's Word.

Morning worship starts around 11.00 a.m. though folk start to arrive from 10.30 a.m. onwards. Our time together begins and ends with worship, includes time for prayer, children’s talk, and a message from God's Word via our Pastor. The topic for the morning usually links with the focus for the midweek fellowship groups, but don't worry if you missed the beginning of the series - the format is such that you can easily "step in."

Afterwards we have a time of fellowship over tea, coffee, and cake, and for the young at heart- table tennis and table football.

Our evening gathering begins at 6.30p.m. with a time of worship, prayer and then a message from God's Word. 

Every Sunday we meet around the Lord's table, and all who love The Lord as their Saviour are welcome to join us. If you don't want to take communion, you are very welcome to stay and simply let the elements pass you by.

PARKING: Please note that we have special permission to park at Inverness Castle car park on Sundays - so please feel free to park there if you are planning to come.

In the morning we have the following activities for younger folk:


Is for pre-schoolers, and runs during morning worship. We have lots of toys, and when moments of quiet(!), parents can listen to the service live through the audio connect to the creche room.


Is for P1-P7, Junior Church starts with worship, then moves to age-specific classes working with Scripture Union based material. We sponsor children in other parts of the world, and are involved throughout the year with the family all-age services. Once a year we hold our "Big Church Day Out" which the whole Church are welcome to attend.